Never worry about warmth again. Kelvin Coats battery-heated jackets keep you cozy in all conditions with the world’s most advanced carbon-fiber heating technology. We offer a wide selection of heated jackets and accessories to provide hours of comfort in even the coldest weather conditions.

The Best Way to Stay Warm

Kelvin heated clothing and accessories are designed to keep you warm without sacrificing style or comfort. Rechargeable heated clothing provides warmth without the need for uncomfortable layers or unfashionable bulky jackets that limit your range of motion. Our industry-leading technology allows you to enjoy warmth while wearing the latest outerwear styles. Kelvin Coats are always on trend.

In addition to comfortable and stylish jackets, we offer a variety of accessories that improve your experience, like the Halsted hand warmer and power bank, the X3 Battery for charging your mobile devices on the go and the M1 Gold High Capacity Battery, which provides hours of warmth for you and hours of power for your mobile devices. The best heated jackets prepare you for everything the day can bring.

The Latest Technology

Kelvin rechargeable heated clothing features the latest and most innovative battery-powered heating technology. However, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use. Simply plug your jacket’s rechargeable battery into the jacket plug, push the button on the chest and enjoy hours of warmth on even the coldest winter days. The carbon-fiber heating technology sends warmth to five core warming zones and can be set to three temperature settings. The USB output means your portable devices will be as ready as you are for whatever outdoor adventure you choose.

Find Your Jacket Today

Kelvin heated jackets come in a variety of styles for men and women, from cozy coats with fur hoods to lightweight nylon duck-down layers and jackets for every occasion. Find the Kelvin coat and accessories that are perfect for you and your daily treks by shopping our selection online today.